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Power Snatch from Hang
,30 kg x 3 x a lot
,40 kg x 3 x a lot
,45 kg x 2 x a lot
,50 kg x 2, x 1 + miss, x 1

Snatch Pull
,70 kg x 3, x 3
,75 kg x 2, x 2, x 2, x 2
,70 kg x 3

Push Press from Rack
,40 kg x 4
,50 kg x 4
,60 kg x 4
,70 kg x 3
,65 kg x 0

Today is probably going to be my only session during this backoff week. Avoided loading my knees in the deep squat position by use of power snatches and snatch pulls. I discovered that I really don't like powers or pulls, but I figure I should do them from time to time.

Initially paused power cleans at hang, but then Danny made sure I reversed direction quickly on the heavier ones. Got some clarification on keeping shoulders over the bar for a more acute hip angle and more hip leverage on second pull. Kept snatch pulls just above my best snatch (71 kilos) to maintain bar speed. Had no idea where to start with push presses. Got overzealous when 60 felt so doable. Wanted to get way above my best press x4-5.

Thought about forgoing PL entirely to focus on WL. I like the press better than the bench...but I still love contesting the squat and the pull.
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