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Default 2010-10-27 Week 2 Day 3

The training
Good training so far, attempted several form checks. Keeping feet flat until first pull ends and not jumping the gun on extension. Making the foot shift for the snatch and snatch balance as minimal as possible which giving full extension (on the snatch).

My biggest problem today is with the snatch balance. As the weight gets heavy, the drill ends up being more of me bounding the bar high while squatting down, rather than the fast smooth travel downwards on the bounce of the bar off the shoulders. Basically looks a bit like a snatch push press + OH squat down combination. I guess I'll stick with this weight (70kg) until it's just a rapid transition to the OH squat bottom position. I think the problem is fear of losing balance on my end. This drill is supposed to overcome it, so I guess I'm just gonna have to be more rapid both down and up (arms locked and shoulders retracted and slight shrugged up).

Squat is cool, though 126kg feels much heavier than the 120kg even though the only difference is 14 lbs. Ah well, probably am not concentrating and making it light.

Pull-ups were pleasantly surprising for the first set. 7 reps EACH FROM DEADHANG and only the last one needed a hip kip. I noticed if I put my head slightly forward of my arms, my traps get involved in the lift. Not sure if that is supposed to help or not, but it seemed to today.

Warmups with 20kg bar

Snatch (65%)
52kgx5sx2r (two extra sets cause I wanted them to be close to perfect, one was power snatched HIGH)

Clean Pull (103%)

Snatch Balance (HEAVY)
70kgx1/2r (I was balanced, I just forgot to come up and just dumped it was I was in OH squat position)
70kgx1 - HEAVY better but still not fast.

Squat (90%)

Pullups (Deadhang)
7 (PR), 4, 3 (each set ends with a kip hip pullup)
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