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Originally Posted by Tanner Cook View Post
So here's my deal,

Height: 5'8/ Weight: 152 pounds/ Age: 16/ Years Training: 5
Clean and Jerk: 187 pounds
Snatch: 145 pounds
Back Squat: 305 pounds
Deadlift: somewhere around 400
"Fran": 4:34
"Helen": 9:11

I wrestle, my season is from mid November to mid February, I gain tremendous Met-Con capacity but lose considerable amounts of strength. Every year I compete in CrossFit Sectionals, however they are very close after my wrestling season ends. So every year I do strength training all through the year with the occasional once-a-week Met-Con thrown in, and then I wrestle for my Met-Con, then train SS for 2 weeks, and 5/3/1 like program plus Met-Cons for 2 weeks, and compete. It works pretty well, but I would like to keep as much strength as I can this season, however I am aware that I have to be careful with my training In-season to not overtrain, esp. since I want a successful season. My matches are Weds. and Sat. And I have been thinking of lifting on those days, any suggestions on what I should train on those days and what kind of rep scheme, I'm thinking a 2 week rotating 2 lift split of BS/BP then DL OHP, with the second week being Snatch/OHS, and CJ/ Front Squat. Thoughts? Suggestions? Critiques?

Many Thanks,

Tanner, great enthusiasm. the best design for the competitive block, is leave it as a competitive block and only use it as a means to focus on and improve on your specific sport skills, specific competitive fitness, and preparation for competition. other wise specific sport skills + specific sport fitness + high intensity circuit fitness + general strength training + explosive strength training + competition preparation + crossfit preparation = time, energy, and recovery efforts siphoned & taken away from wrestling's specific skills, specific fitness, competition. I wrestled as well so know exactly what its like. I use to compete in oly in the middle of wrestling season, didn't work out well. I'm not sure what intensity the soviets did during a competitive block, I believe it was around 5RM or 3RM (90%-95%, 3 sets, and with a gradual increase from 5RM-3RM over the season with some tapering competition, only twice a week) with 2-3 days inbetween workout/competition or workout/workout or lay off for 10 days before a major competition. however, this was after following a maximal strength block and an explosive strength block in the preparation phase, and a special strengh & speed endurance block in the precompetition phase, so their nervous system, muscles, tendons, liagments, were already prepared with the long term delay training effect. This was also used to maintain the maximal strength training effect developed over preparation phase rather than a push for PR, linear progression. This is something you may want to look into next season. I believe bench rows, bench press, and squat are probably the best specific exercises as well. Depending on your recent training history and your body's ability to adapt to this type of training, you may be able to perform this but do so with only of maintence otherwise you may overload.
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