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Day 23 Wednesday

4:45 blue thunder
6:00 diet coke
8:00 1/2 tortilla with egg and bacon. It was disgusting.
10:00 zone bar
1:00 2 grilled tuna steaks, some salad w/ oil and vinegar, steamed brocolli
4:00 zone bar
7:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
8:30 cell mass creatine
9:15 whole wheat and peanut butter sandwich (Yippee)

6 X 6 90 LB's Push Press
3 X 10 45 LB DB Shrugs
3 X 10 Scapula Push Ups
6 X 6 115 LB Bench
6 X 6 65 LB Overhead Shrug (felt kind of goofy)
3 X 10 85 Lb Bent Over Rows

Good workout need to determine set, rep weight scheme for back work. I will be adding that in to every workout from now on. No p/u's or ab work since last week Wednesday. I am hoping to be able to do some this weekend. Will need to see how the ribs are fairing.
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