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My bit....Found this info out there. One link is for off-season, but I thought I would include it.

I talked to the Head S&C for the U of Minn (Bob Rhode) wrestling team a while back to pick his brain and this is what I got.

Clean, squat, dips and pullups. Body control exercises and static holds. Intervals of 200 and 400m and running stairs. He didn't really differentiate between in season and off season.

I would think that strength training the day after matches would be the most beneficial. Twice a week. Open with cleans then squats and super set dips and pullups and then get out.

It is amazing how people will gladly talk to you about stuff if you ask. I don't know Bob Rhode at all. I emailed him asking if he had time to talk and he told me to call him. I did and that is what I got. Not a ton of info, but its better than nothing.
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