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I read some of the other threads on here about issues in the psoas. I'm not sure how i should correctly go about my issue.

The most limiting physical factor in training BJJ are my psoas hurting. They are never chronically injured, but when training hard, i feel it the most there. it doesn't feel like a classically sore muscle but instead just aches. They tighten up easily the next day when they ache, but luckily i can open them up pretty quickly though with some pigeons and what not. My back will tend to arch a lot as well when things tighten up, but basic standing piked stretched open that up fast. They continue to ache though.

Eventually after training a lot, it feels like a tight string pulling my spine just below the ribs from the inside toward the front and back of my pelvis. It feels like it’s under my abs. This particularly feeling only really occurs on the left side though.

I'm kinda a triangle/omo plata guy now, and i think i have decent hip flexibility except for the hamstrings. I can get my leg close to behind my head without stretching, and after some diligent work i can get it there but uncomfortably.
Lunging type stretches don’t seem to stretch it well. Lunging stretch help open up a lot of other stuff on me (particularly in the glut area of the front leg), but when I try them, I only feel an uncomfortable tugging at the hip flexor area in the back leg, not so much a stretch. It feels like I shouldn’t do it too hard or I will hurt something.

Rotational stretches have a lot of benefit in opening up the areas. Sometimes I try tennis balls and such to try and release them, but these muscles are so deep that it’s hard to get them aside from digging in there with my own hand. I dunno about money right now for a massage. I tried to show my girlfriend where to dig in, but she’s just confused => she’s just still surprised there’s a muscle in there because she feels like she’s trying to move my organs.

My questions:
Is it possible to be flexible in the piriformis and not the psoas?

In order to reduce the ache in the future, would it be better to try to strengthen the psoas outside of squatting (I have no idea how to isolate them), or would it be better to try to place the load somewhere else like the abs?
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