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Blake Nelson
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Default New Split plan (tentative)

Since my weekdays are busy, I have planned two workouts on the weekends and two during the weekdays.

Tuesday (workout in the morning at a gym without bumpers)
oh squat 5x5 (volume)
oh press 3x5
front squat 5x3
weighted chins 3x5
weighted dips 3x5
more upper body bs

Work up to a 90%-95% snatch single, then do 5 doubles with 1 min breaks at 75%
clean and power jerk 5 singles around 85%-90%
heavy box squats, work up to a heavy single then 6 sets of doubles at 75-80%
pull ups

Snatch and Clean work in the morning
may mess around with some plyos

heavy box squats
volume fs or oh squat(may rotate these two weekly)
BW dips
BW chins
more upper body bs
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