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Friday October 29th

No benching today, bicep tendon feels sore. I've gotten 11 of 12 workouts in so I should still reap good rewards. Decided to test my strict press instead. I wont embarass myself by posting what I failed with but I did push press it a couple of times rather easily. What I'm going to do now is switch to the the texas method, run it for twelve or so weeks, set a pr or 2, and then switch back to 5/3/1 and start push pressing. The idea is to gradually acclimate my body to the decreasing volume so I dont lose gobs of strength.

Kroc Rows
40x25 L
40x30 R

Wow, I really suck at these. No wonder I have such baby lats. I'll continue doing these once a week on fridays in place of pull ups. Pull ups I'll just do one set so I dont end up completely sucking.
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