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Originally Posted by Brad Collins View Post
I am trying to cut overall body weight. While I want it to be mostly fat, I have decided for proportions sake i need to bring my upper body and lower body more in line with each other. From years of heavy squats, deads, and other lower body work I carry a lot of mass in my glutes and upper legs.

How would one go about losing some of that mass without sacrificing strength. I've tried using 3x3 protocols but I just seem to hold the mass I already have. Should I ditch lower body lifting for a time and use sprints and o-lifts to keep my strength up? Anyone have any experience in this area?
This is something rarely touched on because of the popular demand to be "jacked and tan" but what happens when you want to be efficient on a bike or in a run or just have better power to weight ratio?
When I started Time trialing on a bike I was excited to use all that "muscle" I spent so much time growing, and for a while was pretty good, then the races started going up hill and I got shot out the back like a gun safety advocate in a texan bar.
Reducing mass, especially when you don't have much fat to lose( I started at 197lbs and 7%bf) is extremely painful and not very good for your health , love life, friendships or business. I wouldn't suggest doing it unless something was worth it to go through the process, esthetics probably won't be motivating enough but who knows.
I am 10 weeks in of a planned 22 week extreme caloric restriction (among other various restrictions) to make it easier it's turned into an IF regiment. I maintain strength through "compromised" single leg lifts and removed all upper body work. I do slow lsd sport specific stuff for around 15-18 hrs a week( it's base building season) If I am allowed to lift, usually twice a week I do it fasted and usually chase it with lsd stuff. I weighed in 179lbs with similar body comp. This stuff works but you have to be methodical with it, if I look at a weight incorrectly I'll put mass back on.
In your case stop lifting and see what happens, strength won't fall off as bad as most people think usually 10% over the course of 6 months. If you ever want it back you know you have the ability to get it. I have some detailed stuff on the diet and other parameters if youre interested.
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