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Originally Posted by Kevin Scott View Post
Why use pea gravel? I built mine using sand and I can get my bag up to #225 easy. I just use a contractor bag and fill it with 25lbs of sand and then tie it shut. Place that bag in another contractor bag and tie that one shut to keep it leek proof. I then just make multiple 25lbs bags and fill up my army bag. Works great an they easily fit. Here is a link showing how I did it if my explanation didn't make sense. (work safe)
For some reason the contractor bags I have all leak easily (small holes at first, big rips later). And the heavy duty contractor bags I use now are the woven plastic type, so even when I fill them with pea gravel there is some dust loss.

@Craig: thx for the advice, I think I'll try pea gravel + chain and see how that plays out!
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