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Default 2010-10-30 Week 2 Day 5

The training
Didn't feel bad like yesterday - had much better sleep. Ate breakfast, then headed to gym. The whole training period was mostly dedicated to getting the snatch 2nd pull and 3rd pull coming together. I took some video of the pulls from mid-hang position and muscle snatches, but then, due to gross negligence on my part, and mostly laziness on my part as well, my camera ran out of batteries! I was conservative on loads for all the mid-hang pulls. One thing I've learned is how to grip with the thumb mostly on the snatch pulls. Along with chalk, this makes my wonky hook grip so much more secure - at a cost! My thumbs now burn as though I put them on a heated frying pan. Much fewer unnecessary calluses on my hand under the ring finger - which I consider a victory, since I now require less tape on my hands. Now more of it can be put on my thumbs!!

The biggest challenge to over come is to involve less hip going forward, and more total extension upwards. And more of me being closer to the bar. The mid-hangs seems to be acting as my panacea for fixing the 2nd pull extension mechanics (along with Greg's book). When I'm not concentrating on heels being down just until the 2nd pull happens, I tend to donkey kick upwards as well putting hips much too forward AKA the bow and arrow. Keeping heels down allows me to extend straight upwards. My limited experience with this is that it doesn't feel as powerful as my premature extension for some reason, although doing it correctly seems to allow me to snap my arms up into position, rather than ending with soft elbows. Then again the weight isn't huge (105#, 115#) - I need to get this going with 70kg and upwards. It's going too slowly for my liking.

As I practice more on heels down and the timing of transitioning, my arrival to the power position before the 2nd pull happens more accurately. Same deal with the clean - I was able to direct the pull vertically so well it dinged my Adam's apple! A little more practice keeping the neck back helped this, but the point is that instead of swinging the bar up, I need to extend and reverse with speed and authority.

Pull-ups resumed sucking worse than a $10 Chinese operation in the projects.

Warmup with 45lb bar

Mid-hang Snatch Practice

Muscle Snatch (Heavy single)
115lbx1s (really slow turnover)

Mid-Hang Snatch (65%)
115lbx2r <-- just to try it, and see if I could keep good form

Mid-Hang Clean + Push Jerk (65%)

2,3,1 <-- LOL
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