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Default Scoliosis

A female crossfitter at my box was recently diagnosed with scoliosis a few months back. When speaking with her earlier this week and figuring out what movements bothered her she listed: Front squats, thrusters, deadlifts specifically. Basically whenever the spine is in extension resisting flexion. She has recently began crossfitting She used to follow a typical body-building program with lots of extended aerobic work. While relatively new to the program, she is a relatively strong and fit athlete. She has low body-fat, relatively decent weightlifting numbers, and has a high motivation, and shows great potential.
My programming for the xfit classes consist of the the Max Effort Black Box, with metcon's similar to that of crossfit atm, aka, intense, heavy, and usually 8-12 minutes in duration, with the occasional 15 minute duration.
Basically I am wondering how can we work around this issue? Should I be programming additional pre-hab movments? Are there any movements, or alterations to movements I should avoid? I realize everyone needs to be able to squat and deadlift properly, but are there alterations to these lifts I could program for her instead?

I should also add that pistol squats bother her extremely. She can't complete a pistol squat without dealing with serious pain and discomfort. However when we were having a handstand walking competition, holding a handstand with a hollow back (extended as opposed to straight) she could maintain this position pain free.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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