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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
She was recently diagnosed? Like after growing up without problems?

Sounds to me more like a slipped SI joint or something else that can "cause" scoliosis.

Especially if pistols and those other exercise bother here in the hip/pelvis or lower back area near the SI joint.

Might want to get that checked by a chiro or PT.
I'll second that just based on personal experience. I totally blew a snacth, it came down on my low back, and I did something to my SI joint, never got a proper diagnosis, but when I finally went to a doc, he said my back hurt because I had scoliosis. I asked him how did I develop scoliosis at the age of 24 when I had never had it all my entire life? He had no explanation, so I went to a chiro instead who tried like hell to adjust my SI joint, but literally 5 minutes after he put it in place, it'd move right back out of alignment. For months though, it looked like I had scoliosis.
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