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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
What's your current situation here? Are you still out of alignment? Getting regular adjustments to eventually correct the issue?
I'm good now. That was 2 years ago, and I had problems with it for about 6 months. My chiro was great. I had to come in almost everyday, so he started charging me less and less, and he really worked with me on treatment. I'd come in, we'd put heat on it, he'd adjust me, then I'd spend some time on the traction table, then we'd use some ultrasound on the SI joint and electrostim on the muscles in my low back, and then he'd check my alignment again and adjust me again if needed before I left. It was a real bugger. Just kept going right back out of alignment, and you could definitely see the leg length difference every time. I did a ton of massage as well. I went to the same massage therapist as Joey Porter. Some days I felt awful from all the muscle work.

I wouldn't say it's ever been back to 100%. Almost, but not quite. Occasionally it flares up, I have some popping and pain, but it's good most of the time, and it doesn't interfere with my everyday life anymore.
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