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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
The importance of oxygenated bloodflow, particularly to the brain, cannot be overestimated. Between the improved oxygenation (less carbon monoxide and combustion byproducts) and better breathing patterns, he would likely feel a lot better relatively quickly. Smoking delays healing, which means practically every other process in the body is likely affected negatively to some degree (since all of our tissues are in some sort of degeneration/regeneration balance).

Lowered testosterone levels are likely secondary here to the primary problem, which is a massive smoking habit.
Well then the first step is definitely to get him off smoking. He's tried the gum, patches, etc, and he always ends up smoking again.

What do you think of Wellbutrin for smoking cessation? As a non-smoker, I really have no basis for comparison the difficulty of quitting, but I've heard some very good things about Wellbutrin helping people to quit.
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