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Default D3 vs Zn

So I'm trying to track down an issue with Zinc supplementation, and figured you guys might be able to help. It's a relatively long story, but I'll spare you all of the details and try to distill this into relevant stuff.

1) Considering Vitamin D's association with Calcium absorption, and what I gather is a tendency for some of these minerals to compete for absorption, would supplementation with D3 tend to prohibit absorption of Zinc?

2) Also, please consider the 2 following scenarios in which dietary calcium would vary drastically. Would this tend to inhibit zinc absorption more or less?:
a) 4000iu/day of D3 + ~4000kcal/day of paleo foods (no dairy)
b) 4000iu/day of D3 + ~4000kcal/day of paleo + 1/2GOMAD (~5000kcal total) (lots more calcium)

Thanks a TON for any insight
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