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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
So you're saying that he doesn't have his clients actually do CF in order to compete for CF?
Imagine that. You don't have to do the main page CF wods to be elite?! Total mind blower! I think I remember reading an interview with Josh Everett that discussed his deviation from the main page. I think Mikko Salo also discussed his own programming at one point.

It's Max Mormont's programming, so as you can imagine, as a weightlifter, he likes to go heavy. For example today's workout is snatches and clean and jerks working up to an 80% on both lifts, followed by a short metcon with lateral jumps, depth jumps, and hurdle jumps. It looks more like plyometrics than Crossfit. There are some metcons and CF benchmark wods in there, but Max definitely emphasizes strength.

Personally, I think weightlifters and power athletes in general have a better understanding of periodization than endurance athletes. I know endurance guys who train all the way up to their race, and take off just the day before their race. That's their idea of periodization.... You look at weightlifters on the other hand and you can see the volume decreasing, the weights going up, and then deloading before competing.
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