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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
I'm not saying that one type of egg is or is not better, and I'm genuinely interested in the data. If there is a mountain of data out there that's persuasive to the nutritional community, then i'd be interested in seeing it. My own bias leads me to suspect that things developed in accordance with their natural evolution (e.g. meat from free-roaming animals) is going to be superior, but at the same time a molecule developed in "nature" is identical to that same molecule developed in a laboratory. That's obviously a simplification but it's illustrative of what I mean.
In terms of products being labeled "organic", it's not an oversimplification at all. Ceteris paribus, "organic" products are nutritionally identical to factory farm products.

Grass-fed, free-range beef/chicken/eggs are all marginally more nutritious in terms of omega-3's and certain vitamins (vitamin E for instance) than their feedlot counterparts. However, if you eat a diet rich in greens, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and fish, then you're probably getting all the omega-3's and vitamins you need from those sources.
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