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If this is all based on Building the Gymnastic Body, there are some issues with the book. Apparently, the author never assumed that people reading the book would have no skills at all, so some of the basics weren't covered.

Here is the information that has been distilled from seminars, through the BtGB forums, into me.

Prereqs for everything: 60s Hollow Hold, Arch Hold, Supine Dead-Hang, Floor Support, Bar Support, Ring Support, and Front/Side/Back Gymnastic Planks (straight arms, not forearms). This should provide people with the BASE strength to get some initial tucks for the FSPs.

As for the FSPs themselves, the Steady State plan SHOULD use the 60s maximum for the initial steps. It's only in the later stages when 15s is enough to move on - for example, straddle levers and planche are ok at 15s.
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