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Default From Week 1 Day 3 (2010-11-03)

Snatch Pull 175lb 3sx2r - I think I get pretty vertical on the pulls and the bar pull itself is as well

Overhead squat for a heavy single (160lbs) and a front squat at 88% (230lbs) of max - odd that my front squat looks deeper than my OH squat - must be foot placement isn't consistent.

I just did these with iMovie for the first time - and I realized my camera hack to have the videos set at 4:3 to trick youtube into importing MODs (JVC camcorder) correctly, backfired, cause then iMovie set them to 16:9 m4k files AND YOUTUBE IMPORTED THEM CORRECTLY!!!! Hence why my feet are cut off. Well, at least I can stop filming in 4:3 and start filming in 16:9 and stop worrying about looking like a Somalian.
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