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Originally Posted by Justin Arnold View Post
I had specifically been taking my Zn with meals due to reports of it causing upset stomach without.. Chad, are you saying that chelated vs picolinate would absorb differently in the presence of other nutrients?

fwiw, i get at least a pound of red meat per day.. seems like I should be getting a fair amount of zinc from that alone. perhaps because it isn't often grass-fed it's lower in minerals?

I forgot to mention that ZMA isn't an option. Not sure whether it's the Magnesium or B Vitamins, but the very night I take the stuff my sleep is completely awful. Plus, it is very rare that I can hit all the requirements on the bottle (empty stomach, 30 mins before sleep, etc)

Dr G, My fat intake is pretty high right now, so I'll definitely look into ratios for copper.
Yes, chelated minerals are absorbed differently than others. You'll have to forgive me, my chemistry understanding is limited and I cannot explain the how or why, but I can tell you that chelated minerals don't interact or bond with other minerals, so you can take minerals together that would otherwise normally interact.

I make my own little zinc and magnesium formula before bed. I take 500mg of chelated magnesium and 50mg of zinc gluconate. Seems to do the trick for me, and it's way cheaper than ZMA.
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