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• The scientific literature does not support caffeine-induced dieresis during exercise. In fact, several studies have failed to show any change in sweat rate, total water loss, or negative change in fluid balance that would adversely affect performance, even under conditions of heat stress.

diˇerˇeˇsis or diˇaerˇeˇsis (d-r-ss)
n. pl. diˇerˇeˇses or diˇaerˇeˇses (-sz)
1. Linguistics
a. A mark ( ¨ ) placed over the second of two adjacent vowels to indicate that they are to be pronounced as separate sounds rather than a diphthong, as in naīve.
b. A mark ( ¨ ) placed over a vowel, such as the final vowel in Brontë, to indicate that the vowel is not silent.
2. Poetry A break or pause in a line of verse that occurs when the end of a word and the end of a metrical foot coincide.

I have found coffee 30 minutes before my workouts/events to be beneficial for many activities.
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