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Gary Gibson
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Clean & Jerk
,60 kg x 1 x 3 no jerk
,60 kg x 1 x 1
,80 kg x 1 x 2
,84 kg x 0 x 2

Jerk only
,84 kg x 1 x 2
,88 kg x 1 x 2 (PR)
,90 kg x 0, x 1 (PR)
,91 kg x 0

Back Squat
,60 kg x 3
,80 kg x 3
100 kg x 3
120 kg x 1

Clean initially felt pretty good, but then I couldn't get past 80. I might have misloaded and that 84 that I could only get off the floor might have been 90, but I really don't remember. I still had a lot of pop left for jerks only so I suspect I did misload way over my best clean.

Easy personal bests in jerks today. The first single at a new weight was consistently shaky, but the second was always a lot smoother.

I must have burned up every bit of leg energy I had on those jerks because I could barely squat 120 today. That's about 75% of my best ever high bar. I have a hard time believing I'm still tired from my last cycle. Maybe that max triple front squat three days ago did me in for squats today.


DB Arnold Press 50/50 x 6 x 3
DB Alternating Curl 45/45 x 5 x2
DB Hammer Curl 40/40 x 5

Just a little upper body session with the tools I have in the gym of the building where I'm staying.
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