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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
you need to practice rolling out of a handstand. find an open area, practice forward rolls over your shoulders. once you feel cozy with that, practice going over your head. once your good there, kick up to handstand and slowly lower as you tuck your chin to your chest and roll out. practice this a lot until you get it to be smooth. your first couple times may be bumpy if you don't round your body enough when you roll out of HS.
Rolling is not a problem. I train japanese jujutsu in my free time, and there's lots of roll practice - including parkour style distance and height leaps/rolls. It's not the dismount I'm afraid of, it's the momentum. I have a small apartment, and if I were to roll out of a handstand, I imagine lots of stuff will get broken

I'm thinking of using a hallway so if I lose my balance, I can support myself on the opposing wall if I lose balance
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