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Default November Update and Plans

So, I'm one week into a TBS (The Brothers Smolov) style lifting cycle. I'm basing off SQ: 300 and BP: 210. I'm planning on a x%, x+5%, x+7.25% progression week to week. Both "maxes" have been higher within the last year (during heavy Winter/Spring training), but I looked over the workload to plug in sane numbers, for me, for right now. I quite guilty of not doing the break-in. Oh well. If I wait to do the break in, I won't have three uninterrupted weeks until after New Years. I have, however, done several Smolov-style days over the last months.

For SQ (intermingled with heavy mountain biking):
Oct. 12: 7 of 5 @ 225.
Oct. 15: 10 of 3 @ 245.
Oct. 19: Heavy 5 (255)
Oct. 26: Heavy 3 (295)
Oct. 29: Weak 2 @ 275

My weights for Week I looked like (SQ/BP): (210/145), (225/155), (240/165), (255/175). With training on M, Tu, Th, Fr.

M-W I felt really good. The 5x5 on Th started to take a toll. Fr was a hard session to complete in some ways, but not in others. Part of it was shoulder related. Most of it was general "systemic" fatigue. All the reps went up. Not necessarily with ease, but they went up. Non were gut busters. Actually, some of the early sets were harder than the later sets. I found this in my previous Pavel-Smolov dealings. My best sets are generally around 2/3 of the way through the set count.

My shoulder (darn it) has been acting up again. It is pretty well isolated to a VERY GRUMPY infraspinatus and teres minor. Of course, there are pinball effects. I'm working with an ART/Chiro to hopefully get it under control. Literally, the pain is between squat sets. Not during. Bench is ok: I have some fear on the first rep b/c the shoulder is fired up, but after I get it stable and go, it feels fine. Oh well. I've added ext. rot. exercises and rows; I've dropped pull ups for now. I wouldn't have done many pull/chin ups with the Smolov style workload anyway.

I've scaled back my Mobility WOD following. There just aren't enough hours in the week. However, I've kept some things that I feel are helpful (as opposed to following the "general" MobWOD). Some ball/foam rolling, some band distracted stretches, and some regular stretches. Today (Saturday), I squirreled in an hour of mobility stuff (I did the next five episodes from my running list). I can't really emphasize how good the "light stress" (eustress) of the mobility work is for my physical (muscular and neural) and mental (various) recovery.

Oh, and my appetite has gone off the charts.

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