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Originally Posted by Justin Arnold View Post
Chris, approximately how long did it take for you to notice a significant change in the tally test results?

If I'm noticing so little effect from 100-150mg/day, it's safe to say that the 40mg limit doesn't really apply in my situation. Perhaps if I weren't (apparently) already so zinc deficient..
I don't remember. I have been supplementing zinc for a few years now. Recently I have been taking 100-150mg/day. Once a month I check my levels with a zinc sulfate solution. This past time I got a strong metallic taste after 5-10s of holding it in my mouth. Not the strongest I have experienced but definitely more than the mild peroxide taste I would get when my only supplementation was a ZMA dose each day (30mg). Note that my zinc product is an amino acid chelate (with copper included). This may cause it to be absorbed differently from other varieties. My 100-150mg/day might translate differently to a different product.

I wasn't tested so I don't have any numbers, but I felt the zinc supplementation gave me a significant testosterone boost. My member started behaving as it did when I was fourteen.
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