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Default Saturday 11-6-10

Another unexpected two days off but it worked out fine. Had a good session, felt strong and fairly solid technique-wise so I worked up to some good numbers.

- worked up to 85kg x 1
- 90kg x 1
- 93kg x 1
- 96kg x 0,0,0
Just couldn't maintain my timing today on the 96... Pull too long or dive under too early. Felt plenty strong enough for it though.

Clean and Jerk:
- 90kg x 1
- 100kg x 1
- 110kg x 1
- 115kg x 1
Bar decided to stop spinning on the 115kg but I still managed to rack it with some difficulty. Really anything over 100kg is a crap-shoot whether it will spin or not. I need a new bar.

Front Squat:
- 100kg x 3
- 120kg x 1
- 130kg x 1

That is all.
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