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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
The mWODs quickly got longer than the initially stated 10 min. (ie. "20 min. metcons", remember that?) in duration.
I think this partially has to do with how much "stuff/bits/business" you have going on. I can easily (out of necessity) take most of the time periods up to 3+ minutes. When there are 5 items, left and right: that gives like 30 minutes. But, if you do 1 minute a piece, you're at 10 minutes.

No advice really provided about how to program this stuff in, so it keeps people somewhat dependent.
I can see the thought; for me, I've learned enough (over the first 50 sessions) that I can deal with most of the muscles/joints that give me trouble. I could use a few more hip tools.

I think programming this stuff is pretty simple: do you hurt? are you tight? Do stuff. How much stuff? Use as much time as you have available and spend at least 2 minutes on each "tender bit". Do the worst bit first. Repeat until you run out of time. What stuff? As you saw yourself, you can get a lot of progress by giving an injury "slack" from above and below.

Of course, if you are injured, go see a medical professional.

Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
Good to know, I'll just check it out whenever I feel like it then instead of trying to do it every day.
I don't do it daily, but when I do it, I do 3-5 sessions. I've just been working through from the beginning. I've built a decent toolbox over the years. However (1) I rarely have motivation to use it, even if I'm hurting, stiff, sore, etc. and (2) some of my tools are based on outdated information. Thus, I find following MobWOD (in addition to some daily things I do for my own issues) is a net improvement for me.

And, I'm building up my toolbox: time of stretch, use of distraction to stretch, targeted rolling with small ball (as opposed to less targeted rolling with foam roller), tension-loading pattern bias, rotational bias, hunting, contract-relax (actually doing it, as opposed to reading about it).

Good grief: Mark == "fanboy". *sigh*

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