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Default APS Grass Fed Whey

Whey is just too convenient to not use, but with the consumer reports study that came out saying there were heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic in whey protein, I decided to switch to APS Grass Fed Whey.

First off, APS as a company is great. I placed my order, it came really fast, and everything was packaged very well, so I didn't have smashed up products or anything. Secondly, this whey tastes really great. I've gone through a variety of whey products over the years, most taste like sawdust, this whey tastes excellent. I mix it up with kefir, and it tastes like a smoothie.

Anyways, strange issue though. Since I started using grass fed whey, I'm having some stomach problems. Definitely experiencing some lower GI issues when I use the whey. I swapped it with raw eggs for a few days and I was fine, went back to the GF whey, and immediately had problems again. So... my question is, is there something in GF whey that's not in regular whey that may be causing problems for me? Or is there some reason why I might have more trouble digesting GF whey? I've never had a problem with whey or dairy products before, so I have to assume there's something unique about this whey.

Any ideas? Anybody want to buy a jug of it?
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