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Default The infamous cracking knee

Since I've taken up Olympic lifting and started to squat below parallel I've noticed that my right knee cracks when I enter or exit the bottom position of a squat.

It's not painful or discomforting and I simply ignored it until my chiro told me the cracks mean my knee is not tracking properly and I am creating friction that is slowly grinding away the joint (or something like that).

Since knowing this the cracking is psychologically very tough to hear and starting to affect my squats since I can't help focusing on the noise and trying all sort of small movement change to see if I can avoid it (very rarely I seem to manage to avoid it but it is kind of fortuitous and not repeatable).

So I am now doing the whole stuff: stretching, trigger points, glute activation, foot drills but the cracking hasn't changed a bit.

The question is: would you stop squatting (and full snatching, cleaning) until you fix it?

I guess 'd rather resign myself to a sad life of power-lifting squats and power snatches/cleans rather than screw up my knee in a few years and end up with an even sadder training regime...
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