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I ran into this sort of question when I decided to switch from metcons to primarily focusing on strength/O-lifting. I really wanted to increase my strength and proficiency at O-lifts. I decided that primarily focusing on strength while developing my technique couldn't hurt.

I decided to go ahead with Rippeotoe's advanced beginner program as outlined in Practical Programming. I lifted with that Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and did Snatches and assistance exercises on Saturday. I've been making steady progress on that for the last 2 months, going up about 5-10lbs on my back squat per week.

Since I have been making steady progress, I've decided to mainly focus on this strength program until I reach the Advanced lifting levels that Rippetoe outlines. I still do a little O-lifting on Saturdays if I have the time, but my main focus is on strength right now. I like it because it is a simple program and I am seeing week to week improvements. Part of me can't believe I'm still making progress with simple linear periodization at the weights I am lifting, so I want to keep riding it out. When I hit advanced, I am going to switch to emphasis on O-lifting and metcons.

When I do O-lifting now, I feel like my limiting factor is skill and technique, not that I am weak. I'm happy with that for right now.
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