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Default Wrist impingement

I hurt my wrist a few weeks ago when i accidentally hit something along the outside of my wrist near the pinky. i don't think i broke it. i let it rest for a few weeks. it doesn't hurt really now. it's still a little tight when i supinate it, but if i make a little effort, it rotates almost the full range of motion. there's a some tightness and pain when i rotate it, but the pain quickly goes away as the tightness loosens. all basic activities like typing and such feel fine.

the thing i'm more worried about is that it feels like it's impinging hard. after i got hurt, i took several weeks off and just did pulls with my hands since those felt fine. i slowly worked back to pressing things i can wrap my hand around, like KB and rings, since i can press with the heel of my hand. now i've tried to slowly incorporate handstands and other open hand pressing, but it's been taking longer than i thought. the second i shift weight from the heel of my hand up towards the knuckles, it feels like my wrist sinks into my hand ever so slightly. i've tried stetching it out by hyperextending it with my other hand and the floor, but generally it doesn't feel like it's stretching anything, but instead pressuring the dorsal impingement area.

i've tried finding some info online, and people are saying to let it rest fully, and then begin incorporating strengthening and stretching. i assumed i was in the stage where i could start stretching and strengthening it, but what do you guys think? also, are isolated wrist extensions with a dumbell the typical exercise i'll need to use? finger extension exercises don't feel like they affect my wrist at all right now.

FYI: i've never had great hand flexibility and i think it's from my dad. i've made do with what i can for handstands.
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