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Gary Gibson
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40 x 1 x 6
50 x 1 x 3

Clean & Jerk
60 x 1 x 2
70 x 1 x 2
75 x 1 x 2
80 x 1 x 2 (pressout)
85 x 1 (pressout)
89 x 0 x 3

80 x 1
85 x 0

Front Squat
60 x 3
80 x 2
90 x 0

Slow and weak. I've been commuting on mass transit about two hours each way for a couple of weeks, traveling a lot on weekends. Came down with a bit of a cold yesterday. Just feeling run down and not very strong or explosive. I was really hoping to beat my best clean tonight if only because I got such a nice bump in my snatch numbers this week. It wasn't to be. Even the squats were weaker than usual.

I hope to be on a more regular schedule and once again living within a couple minutes of the office and the training center by early next week.
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