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Originally Posted by Peter Haas View Post
I ran into this sort of question when I decided to switch from metcons to primarily focusing on strength/O-lifting. I really wanted to increase my strength and proficiency at O-lifts. I decided that primarily focusing on strength while developing my technique couldn't hurt.

I decided to go ahead with Rippeotoe's advanced beginner program as outlined in Practical Programming. I lifted with that Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and did Snatches and assistance exercises on Saturday. I've been making steady progress on that for the last 2 months, going up about 5-10lbs on my back squat per week.

Since I have been making steady progress, I've decided to mainly focus on this strength program until I reach the Advanced lifting levels that Rippetoe outlines. I still do a little O-lifting on Saturdays if I have the time, but my main focus is on strength right now. I like it because it is a simple program and I am seeing week to week improvements. Part of me can't believe I'm still making progress with simple linear periodization at the weights I am lifting, so I want to keep riding it out. When I hit advanced, I am going to switch to emphasis on O-lifting and metcons.

When I do O-lifting now, I feel like my limiting factor is skill and technique, not that I am weak. I'm happy with that for right now.

I just had a good P private message exchange with Pierre on this topic. The simple linear periodization REALLY works and is foundational. It will provide the greatest gains of ones life based in part on the efficacy and in part on a deeper pool of strength potential to draw from. Conjugate methods, wave loading, ladders and the like are awesome and will squeak more % out of the top end but your run may go for quite some time. I worked up to a 565 SQT & DL on simple linear periodization, it works.
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