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Andrew Wilson
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You should show more respect to who you talk to on the internet, you may not know who you're talking to, I've trained two years under the CrossFit training methodology, which means I have elite fitness capcacities, unf*ckablewith, and know more than you. Screw the development of over 90 years of doctoral research of sports science, exercise science, exercise physiology, kiniesiology, and biomechanics, screw the span of 467 Olympic gold medals over 44 years, screw those people that can run a mile in 3:20, and those decathletes that can bench press 330 pounds, squat 600 pounds, powerclean 152kg for reps with a 44in standing vertical jump, and 10 second 100m and 3:40 mile at a bodyweight of 185 pounds, screw them; those people don't know what they're doing or talking about, its a joke and laughable. You see, they're specialists and have limited capacities across modal functional domains, this means nothing when the time comes to throw a log over a field, drag a tracker tire 50 feet with a crowbar, or carry a sand bag across a tennis court stadium because they don't train work capcacity and metabolic conditioning. A 10 second 100m sprinter can't do that, nor those decathletes, nor those 45 second 400m sprinters that can squat 600 pounds... but I can. I train across broad time and modal domains, I have 2 minute Grace with 135 pounds which means I can lift more bags of trash into a garbage truck faster than 98% of the human beings on this planet. Screw a 3:25 mile over 10,000m like those unfit olympic champions and their phd coaches that know pointless exercise science, they can't deadlift 700 pounds, therefore are useless in the REAL world, its better to run a 17 minute mile over a hundred miles and be able to snatch 150 pounds like me. Because of this, I'm a better athlete then them, fitter, stronger, higher quantity of mental toughness, and physically more experienced. So before you exercise challenge me on the intranet, do your research on who you are talking to, because you may run into the Achilles of fitness.
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