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Another week, another $. Or not.

The shoulder was the main problem this week. The good news is that the pain is in a different area (anterior). The bad news is that it isn't a lot less painful. M was ok, Tu was very bad, Th was ok-ish, Fri was bad. However, the pain is far more limited to the duration of my workouts. I'm doing some basic shoulder stuff (Y-T-P) + side ext. rotation and it seems to pump the shoulder up and calm it down. I've also been icing.

Enough about that. When you are doing something in the Smolov (or Sheiko) category of training, you have to decide what level of dings, pains, and possibly injuries, you will tolerate. If you are below threshold, you keep going. I think there's actually a place for lumping on enough volume that you expose your structural weaknesses ... and then you address them when you're done with the short, intense overload phase.

Again, the 5s are just really, really tough. I definitely lost my back position on one of the 5ers and paid for it a bit. But, nothing drastic. There's a very real possibility I mis-loaded my 7s weight on Tuesday. It was one of those later-in-the-day I thought: gee, when I cleaned up the weights and got my station set up ... I only grabbed one set of 5s. So, that means I must have used 10s for the SQs. But that means ... oh man, that's why they were so hard.

I don't recommend mis-loading on a Smolov-like plan.

If I didn't mis-load, my weights for Week II looked like (SQ/BP): (225/155), (240*/165), (255/175), (270/185). The 240 might have been 250. It did feel particularly hard. Again, I trained on M, Tu, Th, Fr.

Looking towards next week (week 3), my increment is supposed to be an additional 2.5%. That's easy on a 200-ish max: 5lbs = 2.5 x 2. On 300, without access to my mini plates, I'm stuck deciding whether to go up 5 pounds or 10 pounds (the math says, 7.5 pounds). I'm leaning towards +10. I'm also considering a "week" that looks like M-Tu-Fri-M with the 2nd Monday in the following calendar week. That gives me more rest before the 5s and more rest after the 5s. It also fills in the holiday and moving gap of what to do around Thanksgiving (assuming I'll be completely off Thur-Sun): a nice workout on Monday and then ... recovery with turkey, wine, etc.

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