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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
It sounds like something (it could be a flexor tendon or anything) is pulling on the SI area which is popping because the SI area is gummed up by tight muscles of some sort.

Er, SI joint is more posterior? Is that or not? If it's between the hip and iliac crest it could be hip joint.

Both hips and Si joint tend to get gummed up by the same tight muscles cause a bunch of them cross is especially the glutes
Right, SI joint being more posterior makes sense to me in that the back pain could be caused by it. I saw some article and I want to say a youtube video linked through your article on the EMI site that a light popping or clicking in the anterior hip could be a symptom as well.

Then again, nothing showed out of place on my x-rays. Done from side, front and back.

Could be that the joint wasn't slipped at that point though.

I tend to have a lot more tightness on the anterior side of my right hip, than my left. But I have more glute tightness and external rotation issues with my left hip opposed to my right.

I guess I'll dig, do what the PT says, and stretch til I can't stretch anymore.
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