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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
If anyone is interested, or experiencing any issues similar to mine (still fully functioning, low level symptoms etc.) I am willing to post whatever progress and information I get.

Of course, you'd have to accept that it's not medical advice, I'm not a trained medical professional etc. Informational only.

If not, I'll keep it to myself.

(I hate the whole CYA requirement)
I'd be interested, I've had alot of improvement, but it still gets a little funny now and then.

Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
I'd be interested. I've had anterior tilt forever but some work from a PRI guy helped a lot, plus what I call psoas torture and some mobility exercises. Then, I did a Gokhale seminar which helped a bit more but I am still a bit anterior (though it has lessened quite a bit.) I heard rolfing can help.
Have you ever had rolfing done on anything? I had it done on my calf once, very painful, but effective. I was supposed to go back for multiple treatments, but opted for electrostim and ultrasound instead.
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