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I worked up to a 565 SQT & DL on simple linear periodization, it works.

Ummm.....You are strong.

Awesome thread. Beyond the usual response to such questions (What is your goal and how will you know when you have reached it) I too have struggled with the same sort of mixed goal to develop a solid base of strength. I propose to measure my progress in that goal this with a mix of lifts that include a some Oly lifts. In approaching this goal, I realized very quickly that for me, it was not efficient to try to increase my numbers in the Oly lifts and the squat and deadlift at the same time. In fact, once I realized this, it was a relief to drop the Oly lifting and most supplemental work in favor of a periodization plan from Practical Programming that focuses, (oddly enough) on the basic lifts that comprise the x-fit total.

I think a good argument can be made that it if you wanted to be truly mega strong it would be better to start with the Oly lifts with light weight until you are proficient and then proceed to supplement weight in those lifts while adding in heavy squats pulls and presses. But if you are just getting started or starting over with new knees or hips or whatever, I think it makes sense to get all around strong and then work on technique focused lifts later. I know for me, this guarantees that I will have a tougher time learning to not muscle the weight but that's why you pay a coach to slap you around.
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