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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
I am currently using the MEBB template at my crossfit gym. I have athletes that plan to compete in a local tournament in a few weeks. I was watching a video from Brian Mackenzie at CFE and he was talking about programming to cause his athletes to peak on their race day. I was wondering if anybody had tips as how to do this for an XFIT athlete? I understand the concept of peaking, I was just looking for guidelines of how to achieve this.
Since most seem to be more interested in trolling than providing useful information, I can tell you how we go about things, and maybe you can get something from it.

First, we're looking to perform at our best for a local competition in January, Sectionals, presumably in March, and Regionals, liekly in May.

We break up our programming loosely into macrocycles, with some (again loosely) defined goals. We had terrible luck doing strict cycles where we would greatly focus on some form of adaptation (strength, strength-endurance, power, endurance, etc..), things have fared much better pacing slight emphasis on certain movements, and modifying volume and intensity in the lifts.

For the past 6 months, we've placed heavy emphasis on back squat, deadlifts, and shoulder press, using both ME/RE methods as well as typical volume work. We've occasionally slipped in brief periods of oly work to keep folks sharp, and have rotated through push presses and bench as well. WODs have stayed consistently around 15-20 minutes on average, with 1-2 longer chippers a month. For month in there, we tried more frequent longer workouts, and had recovery issues across the board.

We're currently bumping up the lifting frequency this month, and keeping most of the workouts shorter to accommodate. However, we're beginning to move into oly lifts more, and we're working more on strength/skill development for bodyweight movements we would expect to see in competition.

As we approach sectionals, we'll be dropping the lifting volume some, and shifting to more of a strength endurance focus, assuming the strength adaptation will be persistent enough to last us until the competition with minimal loss of absolute strength, with some less frequent work. We'll do more two a day workouts, though keeping most short, and will likely play around with adding a couple extra longer workouts to prepare folks for multiple workouts in the same day/longer workouts.

Every 4-6 weeks, there's some degree of layoff, usually between lifting cycles, where we'll drop the lifting, drop the metcon length, and generally try to provide rest where it's most needed.
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