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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Yeah man have you looked into ABC drills?
Like the high knees, the cariocas, etc. Yeah, I learned those at the running and endurance cert, and I practice those with the POSE drills. I practiced it way more than they even told us to. I think my form actually got worse....

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
I've come to think that a moderate heel strike is okay under some circumstances, although it should still be avoided. I think the most important thing to avoid is landing with your foot out in front of you. Keep your foot directly underneath your pelvis when you land, and you'll reduce the chance of injury by a lot.
This is a huge error I always make and I just can't seem to correct it. I can keep my feet under me going very slow, but as soon I go to speed up, my leg starts reaching out in front of me, I start heel striking, and then I push off out the back fully extending my leg. I can't even "feel" it. I feel like I'm running with my feet under me, but then as soon as I look at a video, I can see that I'm anything but under me. Is there a good drill or method to practice this? I've tried running uphill, but I think it actually made me step out even further.
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