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Gary Gibson
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Back Squat
,20 x 3
,40 x 3
,60 x 3
,80 x 1
,90 x 1
100 x 1
110 x 1

,40 x 3
,50 x 2
,55 x 1+ miss, x 1
,60 x 1
,65 x miss, x 1
,70 x miss, x 1
,73 x miss, x miss, x miss
,60 x 1+miss, x 1+miss, x 1
,65 x 1+miss, x 2
,70 x 1+miss, x 1
,73 x 1
,75 x miss, x miss, x miss

Snatch Pull
,80 x3, x3, x1

Getting efficient in a bad way.

An ideal BS-FS-CJ-Sn ratio is about 100-90-82-69. That's about my ratio right now (110-100-84(90)-74), but only because my BS and FS have plummeted while my CJ and Sn have edged up a bit. A few weeks ago I got a max BS of 164 and was able to get 150 regularly; now 110 is giving me trouble.

On the BS my right leg seems to stop flexing on heavy weights and the left takes over. I think I strained it a bit a few weeks ago and the pain is still there when I struggle with a weight.

Second run through with snatch felt much better. I kept the percentage high and did reps. Found myself getting faster because fatigue was forcing me to sharpen my technique as strength fell off. I was actually attempting doubles with 70, which is very nearly 100% of my very best effort. Still missed that personal best today, but it felt good to conquer 73 after it felt so heavy and impossible the first time around.

Snatch pulls nearly opened up the cuticle on my left index finger again. Need to get straps for snatch training day.

I have to wonder if I wouldn't be better off taking a huge deload in order to let my leg strength return. Right now my classic lift numbers are bumping against the limits of my reduced squatting power.
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