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Default Forearm stiffness and "tingly" arm

Hey - first off I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to get this checked out, but I wanted some ideas of what this might be and/or questions to ask.
I worked out on Saturday - barbell complex had clean and press, rows, front squats and lunges - weight was not crazy by any means. Then I did some grip work (finger curls with dumbells) and stretched out. On Sunday I woke up and my left forearm was a little stiff and sore to stretch out (the flexors and extensors). I found a sore spot on my forearm (bottom pic with black dot:
I massaged it, tried some ice and heat and took NSAIDs. The sore spot is virtually gone, but it still hurts to stretch out my wrist. I can barely extend my arm out all the way with out painradiating from the middle of my bicep to my fingers. To give you an idea, the pain wasn't that bad on Sunday(3-4 out of 10), last night though was like an 8 out of 10. My arm is ok if it is flexed but not straightened out. Any ideas? I'll update tomorrow after the docs, thanks.
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