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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
so i'm a pretty white guy, but i do ok with box jumps by yanking my knees to my ears if i can get them there. my vertical leap is probably not as great, but then again i've never tested it. is there really a tight, recommended form for box jumps, or is it just a "get up there" kinda mentality?
Very true, I think people tend to box jumps with "get up there" mentality where they're just pulling their legs up, but I have always tried to emphasize full extension when doing box jumps to try to reinforce hip extension.

This is another reason why I have altered how I train and how I train others, I prefer to focus on the vertical leap because it really does require full extension and you can't cheat it by pulling your legs up fast.

On a side note, Andrew, I'm disappointed you changed your avatar, I really liked that last one
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