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(I'm writing this on Friday, technically the last workout will be Monday. But, baring grave misfortune, things should go as planned.)

So, I am currently completing a round of Puetz-Smolov (Mark II: the week-to-week progression is x% -> x+5% -> x+7.5%). Base xs are 70, 75, 80, 85 for 3 of 9, 4 of 7, 5 of 5, and 6 of 3. You can find the spreadsheets by googling for "The Brothers Smolov".


My original schedule was M-Tu-Th-Fri. I maintained that in Week I and Week II. For Week III, I modified this to M-Tu-Fri-M. I'll discuss it below.

Week IV is supposed to be something like rest then 1RM on Thu and 1RM on Fri. I'm not pseudo-maxing on Thanksgiving. Sorry. I think what will happen is a gentle max on Fri (at a gym on the road, not sure if I'll have access) and then do heavy singles on the following M-Tu.

I ended up "rouding up" for my Week III squats. And, I bumped my last two BPs by 5 pounds.


Like Pavel-Smolov, Week I felt easy and I threw in some extra stuff here and there. Mostly some rows to help with shoulder support. Later, the shoulder support came mainly from YTP and external rotations. The shoulder held together, but there were some days that were real gritty. Week II Tu in particular the shoulder was on fire. It always felt ok while squatting and after the first rep of bp, but between was not pretty. And the 1st bp rep frequently had me questioning my sanity in not stopping: but, after rep 1 things were generally ok ... the problem was rogue pain, not structural failure. Starting in Week I, I was also under the care of a D.C. + ART practitioner. (highly recommended)

I'm going to run the numbers on Pavel-Smolov versus Puetz-Smolov (as performed) to get some idea of relative intensity and volume. However, I feel -better- systemically now then I did in the Spring (w/ Pavel-Smolov). This is somewhat surpring to me b/c the Pavel-Smolov is a bit more drawn out and should give more recovery time. As I mentioned above though, the shoulder gave me much more trouble this time around. My left hip got frisky, as well. But some of both hip and shoulder can be attributed to sleeping on the floor right now (only for 1 more week!).

I decided to split the final week's Th-Fri (5s and 3s) with a break over the weekend. 5s have a special effect in this program. They are probably 1.5 to 2x as hard as the 9s and 3s day. 7s day can come close to the 5s (some weeks). But, since 5s are -killer-, it makes sense to get an extra day of rest before and take a day or two after. However, you can't do it every week, or all of a sudden you have a six or eight week program. So, just doing it the last week gives you some room to "go for it" (round up 5 or 10 pounds) on the 5s and 3s days. [Note, if you were doing it as suggested by DrPP, you would be going M-Tu-Thu-Sat, I think. Which has benefits. Unless you don't train on the weekend.]

I made good use of MobWOD education in several instances: particularly with knee "hot spots", I was able to create some slack from the hip, ham, quad, calf to relieve some pressure (both through improved positioning -- mainly keeping the left hip sitting back -- and increased slack). Working hip flexion + internal rotation became a standard warm up piece. I developed a distinct tightness on the left side, so I did "up pigeons" twice on the left and once on the right. It helped a lot in Week II, a bit in Week III.

I got away from my Pavel-Smolov warmup (somewhat b/c I was much more focused on keeping my shoulder together). I think I missed the hip flexor stretching, planking, and goblet squats most. My shoulder preparation revolved around pec, trap, int. rot. stretching; halos, band pull aparts, band poor man, and fr/bk serratus raises for mobility and activation. I included some band distraction work early, but I started to feel it was moving the shoulder too much out of its groove before I put it under increasing stress. Regardless of it being in a "better" position (potentially), the problem was that it was in a position that I was -less adapted to-. So, in my prep work, I balancing keeping my groove "same, but improved" -- and not, completely different.

A last bit of comparison. In the Spring, I did six weeks of Pavel-Smolov and, a few weeks later, I did a two week "mini Pavel-Smolov block" of four workout in the traditional Smolov scheme. The weights I used then were (sq/bp): (225/155), (240,165), (255,175), (275,185). My Week III for Puetz-Smolov had weights of: (235/160), (250/170), (265,185), [predicted: (285,195)]. The first workload has about 33% more lifts and is over 10 or 11 days. The second workload is over 8 days. The first workload was enough to have me write "Uncle" in my book. I think the second will leave me far fresher. After the Spring "mini block", I hit some nice PRs 10 days later (345/215).

I'm planning on gradually working up to new PRs between now and Christmas. I'll see where working up to singles puts me at the end of next week. I imagine I'll be able to add a bit to those singles over three or so weeks. I also (desperately) need to get more variety in my program: I neglected DLs and upper body pulling and OH pressing. I definitely need to reincorporate those -- at least at a "doing them" level (3 of 8 for the upper stuff; speed deads for DLs?).


Excessive Detail Follows:

*Weights, Rests, and Auxilliary Work*

(x/y) SQ wgt, BP wgt
lazy rest: beep and then go
strict rest: setup as beeps
wu sq, bp: # of wu sets
aux: ser -> side-lying external rotation

Week I: Oct 31-
M: wu: shoulder, 2 sq, 3 bp (:30)
work: 3 of 9 @ (210/145), lazy 3 (:30)
aux: DB rows, YT, bat-wing

Tu: wu: shoulder, 3 sq, 3bp (:25)
work: 4 of 7 @ (255, 155), strict 4, (:43)
aux: :30 walk, maxercist row/press, raises, etc.

Th: wu: shoulder, 4 sq, 4 bp (:36)
work: 5 of 5 @ (240/ 165), strict 4 (:55)
aux: YT, batwing, ser

Fr: wu: shoulder, 4sq, 4bp (:35)
work: 6 of 3 @ (255/175), lazy 3 rst? (:55)
aux: ser, 1-rows, poor man

Sa: lotsa MobWOD

Week II: Nov. 7-
Su: light hike, rolling, poor man
M: wu: shoulder, 3 sq, 3 bp (:24)
work: 3 of 9 @ (225/155), 3,3,4,... rst (:32)
aux: YTP, ser, :30 walk, roll, rows

Tu: wu: shoulder, 4 sq, 3 bp (:29)
work: 4 of 7 @ (240, 165), strict 4 (:40)
aux: <nada>
* rough shoulder

Th: wu: shoulder, 5 sq, 5 bp (:27)
work: 5 of 5 @ (255/ 175), lazy 4 (1:00)
aux: YTP, ser

Fr: wu: shoulder, 5sq, 5bp (:35)
work: 6 of 3 @ (270/185), lazy 3 (1:00)
aux: YTP, ser
Sa: MobWOD work (specific to my needs)

overall shoulder: M: ok+, T: v bad, Th: ok, F: bad

Week III: Nov. 14-
M: wu: shoulder, 4 sq, 4 bp (:36)
work: 3 of 9 @ (235/160), rst: 3,3,3,3,5,5 (:40)
aux: YTP, ser, :30 walk, roll, rows

Tu: wu: shoulder, 4 sq, 4 bp (:36)
work: 4 of 7 @ (250/175), lazy 5 (1:03 w/ phone call)
aux: YTP, ser

We: few pushups + planks, KB press, MobWod

Fr: wu: shoulder, 5 sq, 5 bp (:42)
work: 5 of 5 @ (265/ *185), lazy 4 (1:11) *wgt jump +10 instead of +5
aux: YTP, ser

overall shoulder: M: ok+ tight later,
Tu: ok,
Fri: stiff before, ok+ later

M: wu: ()
work: 6 of 3 @ (285/195), () +15/+10 instead of +10/+5
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