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Nicolas Warren
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Fri 19 Nov '10

Snatch - max: ...60x1x2, 70, 75, 80, 85, 87.5 (PB), 90x (missed after it was OH, relaxed under the bar...), 90x (missed out front)
C&J - max: ...50x3x2, 70x2x2, 90, 102.5, 112.5x (missed clean at bottom, a bit soft), 112.5x (missed jerk out front; didn't drive hips under bar properly), 112.5x (missed jerk completely, had nothing)

Total: 190kg.
Happy with the progress on the Snatch (+5kg from 24-Oct), but bombed out on the C&J. I'll do a bit of a program review; think I might need to add in some more jerk supports, HPCs (not getting into the right position with the cleans) and jerk off racks. Also, didn't eat very intelligently on Friday (felt hungry, and then weak after the Snatches, no appreciable fat the whole day), and probably went too heavy on Monday (95x1x2 instead of 100x1x3 would have been better, with no C&J on Wednesday).

Next total attempt will be 15-Dec, but C&J, then Snatch. Hopefully get through the 200kg mark then.
Age/Height/BW: 29/6'/100kg.
Snatch: 114kg. C&J: 140kg. BS/FS: 195/160kg.

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