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I think that the whole linear programming on the "slow" lifts has gotten a bad rap, and, even though I've seen significant slowdown on progress (in the past) on linear programs and jumped towards and more concurrent or conjugate system, I don't think I've eked out all the gains I could have.

Interestingly enough, in one of the early T-Mag articles, someone said that linear periodization will be good enough for you to win most of the PL contests you enter, if you work at it smart and hard.

One problem I do have with the vast majority of linear programs is that they start out too light, and I think that time is wasted. This is really why I lean strongly towards cybernetic periodization systems like the ladder, and other AREG techniques.

One thing that I find bizarro about "Practical Programming" is that basically it tells you the same thing Bill Starr's "Strongest Shall Survive" does.

When the hell did lifters lose sight of that?
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