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Default Cortisol and Food

I tend to oversimplify things or jump to conclusions when I read different things, so I thought I might run this one past the PM board to see if I'm track.

I read this study:

And although I don't really want to take about the study in particular, one thing I pulled from the article was the idea that cortisol breaks down body tissue in order to free up nutrients for use in maintenance and repair. I suppose this makes sense to me since exercise can cause high cortisol levels and cortisol spikes blood sugar, so it makes sense then that cortisol is actually freeing up nutrients.

I apologize to those of you who already understood this mechanism, but it was a lightbulb moment for me.

In any case, here comes my conclusion, could you then actually lower your levels of cortisol release by eating more? If the reason the body is releasing ACTH which triggers cortisol release is because the body needs to mobilize nutrients, could you avoid that response by simply increasing calorie totals and eating more food so that your body now has an excess of nutrients to build and repair with?

Like I said, I tend to oversimplify then jump to conclusions, but that makes sense in my twisted little pretzel of a brain.
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