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Funny how some small little filler like apple pectin or a sweetener like stevia can be all it takes to make you sick. It's probably only a small percentage of the total ingredients.

The heavy metals binding to proteins and all the processing and filtration that whey goes through is way out of my league. I could probably spend a month researching it and not even scratch the surface into understanding it. I do recall Robb Wolf discussing fish oil though and stating that fish oil is free of heavy metals because the metals bond to proteins and not fat. Not sure how that would apply to whey, but maybe when Robb stops being so darn busy, I'll make a point to ask him.

I'm still not sure how I feel about that study, but one thing I find interesting is that the ads I get from supplement companies now advertise various whey proteins that are "heavy metal free" or "private lab tested to contain no metals or toxins." Maybe I should just stick to eating more animals.
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