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From the article

What are the 3 biggest mistakes you see endurance athletes make and how would you suggest they change?
Nutrition, Training, Recovery. I know this is vague, but there is so much wrong we could write a book on it. All of the nutrition sucks in endurance sports… Get rid of the supplements and start adding real food. Training: stop running, riding, and swimming all day, it doesn’t make you faster! You are quad dominant, and your hips don’t work for Christ’s sake. Learn to move correctly, and lift heavy… Then go really fast! I’d also like to throw in that none of them look at their particular sport as a skill, and because of this they will never do what they love for a long time. PERIOD!
I'd been under the impression that running was a more glut/posterior dominant skill. Are elite endurance runners more quad dominant (as opposed to sprinters)?
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